Welcome to my Wimmera backyard. This is in the dry inland, north west of The Great Dividing Range, on the Victoria/South Australia border.

Rosemary at home. Nhill, January 2019

I have some ideas and products to help you with vegetables, herbs and cottage garden flowers; those varieties which do well in this kind of climate. Typical weather in arid areas sees hot dry summers, winter rain, plenty of winds and usually a desert-like drop in the temperature at night.

I like to acknowledge the stories and people behind some of my seeds. These often came to me via The Seed Savers’ network, Garden Clubs, Seedy Saturdays and readers of Grass Roots Magazine, for which I used to write articles.

Biodiversity is diminishing in the area of old fashioned, heirloom, heritage, open pollinated vegetable plants. Many varieties have been lost in the last 30 years. As a seed curator, I’m trying to preserve what I can of such food plants.

Rosemary on holiday in Maianbar 2012

Rare Green Seeds is run as a hobby. All products are grown in my backyard and the sales go towards the cost of materials and the maintenance of this website.