Russian Garlic ( Elephant Garlic) Allium Ampeloprasum


This old variety is not grown commercially. It is found as a relative of wild leeks in many countries. It grows in dry, rocky or sandy areas. Plant cloves or bulblets in autumn and harvest mid summer. The fully grown bulb has cloves, but also makes small bulblets on the side.  In the first year plants do not always flower, but make a single round bulb under the ground. In the second year the plant will send up a tall stem and large flower like a mauve pompom. Under the ground  will be found a cluster of cloves usually with some small bulblets on the side. It is the bulblets that are easy to post as they are quite hard skinned.

This “garlic” is very mild in taste and can be used both cooked and raw. It keeps well in a cool dry place over winter. 50 grams per packet.

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