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Florence Fennel


Just pulled this one up from the garden. The bulb is crisp and crunchy. It has a slight aniseed flavour. Can be eaten raw in salads or lightly cooked, steam or stir-fry. Traditionally paired with fish. Tasty with poultry and mushrooms. The ferny leaves can also be eaten. Best to use young leaves. Also a good substitute for dill when it’s not available.

One of my ducks pulled out a large bulb from the compost, took it to the water dish and had a nibble!


2 thoughts on “Florence Fennel

  1. Wow, Rosemary. You were always a gardener. At 13 or 14 you told me you collected named varieties of pelargoniums. I was very impressed then and still am. The fennel, snow peas and broad beans you describe sound truly great. I thought i was clever enough growing fennel, snow peas, broad beans of any old kind was tremendous considering my brown thumb history.
    Jan O’Hara

    1. Great. I will keep you up to date with the season .

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