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Growing new stock

Happy “Day of the Dead”.. Halloween.. All Soul’s Day; do a skeleton dance. Remember your ancestors! I have a garden full of insects. Native bees and honey bees working side by side in the turnip flowers. Small flies in and out of the blueberry flowers. Dark purple basil and Chinese broccoli, from Eden Seeds and the heading mustard and Pomona cantaloupe from Casterton’s Garden Larder, all germinating in pots right now and Zinnias from Lambley Nursery. Warming up. Summer’s coming!

Ruth’s Sweet Pea. Amazing perfume.. hope to have seeds later.

Ruth's Sweet Pea
Ruth’s Sweet Pea

Flanders Poppies. Bees love them. These flowers are particularly big and bright.

Flanders Poppies
Flanders Poppies

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